An intimate, outdoor performance venue in Medina New York

Would you like to perform at 810 Meadworks or the Beegarten? You are not alone because we don't believe in "exposure bucks," as operators of a craft beverage facility we understand that artists need to be paid for their craft.

Our philosophy when it comes to booking entertainment is pretty simple. We look for artists that are established and have a reputation for putting on professional shows. In short, if you perform with the same degree of respect for your audience whether there are 5 people or 5000 people then we will happily consider your submission.

You should also try and familiarize yourself with the venue and what mead is. We will happily answer any questions.

The beegarten is only open in the summer months, but we do schedule artists in our tasting room throughout the year, and we take time to promote our performances. We know that it's important for the venue and the artist to get the word out. Our patrons love live music, and they trust us when we book an act, even if they are not familiar with them.

We can provide a PA, but if you have a favorite microphone or something you want to add to the system just let us know. 

All submissions are reviewed, and we do our best to find you a spot. If we don't then you are welcome to hound us!  

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Artists that have performed at the Beegarten and 810 Meadworks include: 

  • Eliot Lewis (Hall and Oates)

  • Jamie Holka (Captain Beyond)

  • Chris Wilson

  • Tommy Brunette (Modern English and Immaculate Mary)

  • Preach Freedom (Rusted Root)

  • Bruce Wojick (Klear)

  • Jerry Falzone 

  • Erin Sydney Welsh

  • Keith James

  • Evan Anstey

  • Rust Belt Brigade

  • Unorthodox

  • Experimental Sandwich

  • Josh Cogovan

  • Darryl Tonemah

  • Triple Play Band

  • You?