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The end goal of any venue or event is to put on a well-attended show that's well-received by the audience. So in addition to understanding their markets, talent buyers must also know about the potential draw of the bands they are booking: Does this band have a strong local following that will come out for the concert? Or, is this a relatively new act that may need more aggressive promotion?

Are you considering adding live music to your venue?

Are you inundated with emails from artists trying to book a show at your venue?
We know that venue owners work hard to create a great atmosphere and present musicians that are well-received and well-attended. 

Most venues think they are too small to afford the services of a talent buyer, but at CMG we work with small to mid-sized venues and help them bring in artists that will show up on time, perform well and actively help promote their gigs.
At CMG we do the outreach, answer the incoming emails, do the research, and then match the artist with the venue or event, all within the price range you set.

We are looking to book live bands in Buffalo NY and all across Western New York. 

Relationships matter in the music industry and local music scene. We have worked with both national, and regional artists and a number of events, and are looking to expand our portfolio so we can offer artists multiple dates at different venues, which will help venue owners or event organizers like you benefit by keeping booking fees down. 

If you are an artist looking to land a gig at one of our venues, we would love to hear from you as well.

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