Music Connects People is the new podcast that connects you to the artists that have connected with their fans.

Episode One features multi-instrumentalist Eliot Lewis discussing his newest album "Adventure." (click below to order the album)

Eliot is best known as the keyboardist in Hall and Oates and  his role in Daryl Hall's solo band which is featured on the popular show "Live From Daryl's House." In this episode Eliot discusses his latest release, "Adventure" and his future plans.

Episode Two features Chris Vos of The Record Company

Chris Vos is the lead singer and guitarist for The Record Company, a Grammy nominated three piece band whose style mixes blues and rock for an all-American sound. Vos handles lead vocal duties, and plays a wicked slide guitar. In this interview Vos discusses fame, his fans and his favorite bands growing up.

Episode Three Featuring Kasim Sulton

Kasim Sulton is the bass player for the rock band Utopia, and has appeared as a session player on many albums, including Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell." Kasim is also an accomplished solo artist, and just an all-round nice guy.

Episode 4 Featuring Ken Sharp