Looking to increase attendance at your next event? CMG has worked with concert series, festivals, running events and venues to increase awareness and attendance. We utilize everything from public relations to social media marketing to getting right out on the street and hanging posters and handing out handbills-our own brand of street team marketing. If you've put together a great event let us help get people to show up!


If you have a great venue or an amazing festival and you need to find some musicians you don't need to hire your wife's co-workers cousins band. CMG only works with seasoned, professional musicians that not only perform for a fair price, they won't show up late and stinking like a barroom floor. You give us the budget and we will book the bands.


We have to humor Papa Thom and let him live out his dream as a podcast host. You can check out his interviews with some old school musicians and comedians on BlogTalk Radio. If you have an idea for a podcast or just need help getting one off the ground, contact us and we will make sure you don't make the same mistakes we did when we were starting out. 

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