Todd rundgren post-bearsville top 10 1989-2019

A list by Thom Jennings

10. one long year

A product of Todd's groundbreaking experiment Patronet, "One Long Year" has some great moments like "Buffalo Grass" but overall the album lacks the fluidity of a proper release.

9. state

A dark EDM flavored project, "State" is one of Todd's more ambitious projects but it is just a little too dark in spots. The fan favorite "Party Liquor" is on this album.

8. second wind

There are a ton of great songs on this album, which was recorded in a studio environment in front of a live audience. Highlights include "Kindness," of TR's best ballads ever, and the title cut. It was Todd's last album on Warner Brothers. 

7. the Individualist

The album that inspired the title of Todd's autobiography many years later, it has some intense and fun moments.  The album includes"Temporary Sanity," one of Todd's best songs from the 1990's.

6. arena

Recorded just before his 60th birthday and debuted at Todd's birthday fan gathering, "Arena" is reminiscent of his work with the four-piece Utopia lineup. "Courage" is the standout track on the album

5. global

"Global" is a fun album filled with a ton of ear candy. "Skyscraper" features Kasim Sulton on background vocals, and the ballad "Soothe" proved that TR can still tug at your heart strings.

4. no world order

Todd took an abrupt turn in style with this album, which bore no resemblance to anything in his Bearsville catalog. The songs blend together, much like they did on "Wizard," but in this case TR utilizes rap and an electronic soundscape.

3. white knight

Todd found a way to write with other artists via clips that were sent to him. This is the only TR solo album to feature another lead singer. "Let's Do This" is pure power pop ear candy.

2.nearly human

In many ways this is a further exploration of the fourth side of "Something/Anything?" The performances were captured live in the studio, and in spite of the size of the ensemble, the results was simply amazing.

1. LIars

This album dropped in 2004 after a massive void in Todd Rundgren’s recording career, and was his first proper solo album in nearly a decade. The album’s theme centered on the “paucity of truth” in 2004, a theme that holds just as much relevance today as it did when it was released. 

There is not a bad note on "Liars,", and TR forgoes the rapping that appeared on his 1990's releases in favor of singing. It may be argued that this album features some of Todd’s best vocal work, and the soothing ballad “Past” demonstrates that more than any cut on this spectacular album.