turntable essentials

presented by turntable tuesdays with thom

Many music lovers are either rediscovering thier love of vinyl records, and here we present to you a selection of great albums, gifts and all the accessories you need to become a vinyl record collector, or to buy a gift for your favorite record enthusiast.


There are a ton of great turntables on the market. If you are just starting out you may want to consider some of these more economical, belt-driven turntables. I pernally use a turntable that has Bluetooth capability, but some purists see that as defeating the purpose of playing vinyl records.

Another consideration is the value of your records, or the frequency that you listen to your albums because cheaper turntables will wear the grooves on your albums quicker.

The two turnatbles listed here have good reviews and will definitely get you off to a good start as a vinyl record collector


Back in the heyday of vinyl records, size mattered when it came to speakers, at least that is what many of us thought back then. These days there are some great options that won't take up a huge chunk of your living space and that will still allow users to enjoy the warm sound of a vinyl record as the needle rolls across the record.  Both of my son's use the Bose speakers, but I prefer the classic looking  bookshelf speakers.


There are lots of goodies here, the first one is a stabilizer. I had to buy one because some of the older records I own are slightly warped and it throws off the tracking. The weight also helps with sound quality, and even if you aren't too picky it still makes records sound amazing!